Auto Parts Manufacturing – Part 4

My analysis and dissection of auto parts manufacturing has become a bit like a plane starting its landing procedure. It feels like I’ve been circling around for quite a while and it’s taking me a bit of time to land. That said, I hope to land somewhere in this entry. In the previous entry, I […]

Auto Parts Manufacturing – Part 3

In my previous post, I decided to take look at the top 100 companies in the world in order to determine how many are from France and Korea. I found that aside from the #7th largest auto parts company in the world, France also had the #15th and #40th largest company. Korea was even more impressive, […]

Auto Parts Manufacturing – Analysis 1

Ontario is crowd sourcing thoughts and ideas in order to develop modern, outcome-focused, evidence based regulation. I decided to tackle one of the six categories identified – Automotive Parts Manufacturing. Here are my thoughts written down. I would love some feedback, please leave me some comments. Red tape Challenge: Goal: Modern, outcome-focused and evidence based regulation Question: How […]

Federal Reserve Predictions 2016

Changed my mind: Analysis below Here are my predictions for FOMC Interest Rate announcement for 2016. I will circle back and add some notes in order to analyze the outcome of my predictions Month Prediction March 2016 March 15/16 – Rates go up .25% April 2016 April 26/27 – Rates go up .25% June 2016 […]